Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Works!

Its being a while i updated ma blog. I was only reminded again of how important this blog was recently when a fan told me of how much he had missed my entries. So, once again i'm "repenting"...

Here are some of the reasons why ive not updated in a while.

In the picture order: 

Wizzboy - Screensaver

K'ore - Somore, 

Lolo - Green kpali

Infinity - Press on

Frank Edwards - You too dey bless me

Ibiyemi - Ore

Victor Olayeni - How great

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Friday, March 19, 2010


Above are screen shots of a BRAND NU VIDEO i just finished for Portharcourt's finest artiste WIZ BOYY! (why he has double Y in his name i stil find it hard to understand: let's just say its for emphasis sakes). Y'all watch out for that, its pretty pretty cool and fresh. Will let u be the judge wen u finally see it, dunno wen it wil be out though, trust me to let u know sha.
And by the way, he featured the highlife maestro beat maker J martins. Nice sing-along song he titles: Screensaver!
Also done and almost dusted is the OMOBA video for Daprince (mohits). Almost dusted because, the client may just hv last minutes adjustments to the already smoking video. Anyone that has seen the vid finks if pretty much pretty...that includes me, hehehe!

The VIVA AFRICA vid i did for FELA has been enjoying so much attention and reviews from all directions. To all that has called, mailed and commented on the video on my facebook page, Thank you. Maybe, maybe you may just see the vid on the screen soon... i'm uncertain because the vid was originally made just for the FELABRATION celebrations last year. I shuld believe baba is turning in his grave.... Forever Lives Fela! Viva Africa! AFRICA Awooo! (end part lifted without permission from JJC's song)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's the link of the Fela (Viva Africa) video.
Ive also uploaded it on ma facebook video page. So check it out!


One of the biggest highlights of my career so far has been doing a video for the ABAMI EDA himself, FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI! The story goes thus: The legend has always had this song called viva africa dat he had recorded many year bck. According to wot i heard, the song was NEVER released. So for last year's FELEBRATION ceremony, the organisers felt, i'd be cool to hv a befitting video for the classic song. And since the Abami eda is no longer with us, they (organisers) tot id be too normal/usual to use clips from his live performances as the video. So there came the idea to hv it done animation style. Well the first/best name that readily came to there minds know. And so the rest is history! Got great compliment from beyond naija's shores, where the video has been screened! I like it too...wot u fink? Here are some snapshots frm the vid. Shuld post a link where u can watch it soon!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Hey! Tomiwa's shoot was cool, but we could not finish the shoot because the music maestro himself, i'm talking about Cohbams (he featured on the song, coby did some bad rap on it), wasnt around. So ama hv to do his shoot some other tym. Too bad sha for Tomiwa, cos he'l hv to cough out additional cash to get dat done! I'm sure its gonna b worth it though!
Aight, lemme let the cat outta the bag, the artist i was tryna kip anonymous in ma last post is Daprince (Mohits). Im editing his new vid for the reigning hit "Omoba". Here's just a lil snap shot of wot to xpect. Lookin cool shabi? i lov it sha.
Meanwhile, Here is a lil quizz for y'all. Below is a frame from anoda video im editing at the moment... the question is: WHO IS STEPPING OUT OF THE LIMO? Correct answers will win something, for real, i promise!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Two months into the year and already it sure seem obvious its gonna b ma busiest year yet! Shot a total of six videos already. Most are in different stages of post production. Only one has been done, delivered and its currently ruling the airwaves, im talkin about EVA's Na so video.
The reviews/feedbacks has been very fantastic. Check it out for urself:
It really sets the pace for wot to xpect this year. The next video to drop shuld be nxt week (I hope). Its of a very popular Nigerian act and an equally popular song. Permit me not to disclose the identity, cos of ehmm....i dunno. just permit me not to. Meanwhile, i got a mail from a UK based management company as regards doing video for their artist. Talks shuld be on, hopefully. Fingers crossed on dat for now. Oops! i culd i forget...I have anoda video shoot tomoro., its for TOMIWA, remember him? The guy that came third at the last MTN project fame reality show.
Shuld be a wao, that one too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When i started this blog years bck, i had no idea wotsoeva wot video/film makings was about! Five years down the line afta buyin ma camcorder for N85,000 (my life savings at the time) wot have i become?

* An Award winning Music video director (Best special effect/editing: Soundcity Music Video Awards, Most Promising Director Nigeria Music Video Awards amongst several other nominations)

Ive directed and edited quite a lot of videos, and stil do!

Ama be tryna blog ma day to day or week to week work activities.(i sure hope i kip dis promis) You shuld enjoy the journey. And i wil also try to chip in tips, ideas, advice, pictures or even tutorials, hopefully someone wuld find 'em useful someday!

E kaabo sori eto yi.


Its been almost four years since my last blog. Recently got a request from a facebook friend "harassing" me of abandoning my blog! It was a blow below the belt. Believe me, i really forgot this thing still existed and neva tot it was being read anyway! Thank God i got the password back and here i am blogging again! Tnx...Belinda, u made this happen, lets hope i keep it going on this tym.