Friday, March 19, 2010


Above are screen shots of a BRAND NU VIDEO i just finished for Portharcourt's finest artiste WIZ BOYY! (why he has double Y in his name i stil find it hard to understand: let's just say its for emphasis sakes). Y'all watch out for that, its pretty pretty cool and fresh. Will let u be the judge wen u finally see it, dunno wen it wil be out though, trust me to let u know sha.
And by the way, he featured the highlife maestro beat maker J martins. Nice sing-along song he titles: Screensaver!
Also done and almost dusted is the OMOBA video for Daprince (mohits). Almost dusted because, the client may just hv last minutes adjustments to the already smoking video. Anyone that has seen the vid finks if pretty much pretty...that includes me, hehehe!

The VIVA AFRICA vid i did for FELA has been enjoying so much attention and reviews from all directions. To all that has called, mailed and commented on the video on my facebook page, Thank you. Maybe, maybe you may just see the vid on the screen soon... i'm uncertain because the vid was originally made just for the FELABRATION celebrations last year. I shuld believe baba is turning in his grave.... Forever Lives Fela! Viva Africa! AFRICA Awooo! (end part lifted without permission from JJC's song)

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