Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Hey! Tomiwa's shoot was cool, but we could not finish the shoot because the music maestro himself, i'm talking about Cohbams (he featured on the song, coby did some bad rap on it), wasnt around. So ama hv to do his shoot some other tym. Too bad sha for Tomiwa, cos he'l hv to cough out additional cash to get dat done! I'm sure its gonna b worth it though!
Aight, lemme let the cat outta the bag, the artist i was tryna kip anonymous in ma last post is Daprince (Mohits). Im editing his new vid for the reigning hit "Omoba". Here's just a lil snap shot of wot to xpect. Lookin cool shabi? i lov it sha.
Meanwhile, Here is a lil quizz for y'all. Below is a frame from anoda video im editing at the moment... the question is: WHO IS STEPPING OUT OF THE LIMO? Correct answers will win something, for real, i promise!

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