Thursday, February 25, 2010


Two months into the year and already it sure seem obvious its gonna b ma busiest year yet! Shot a total of six videos already. Most are in different stages of post production. Only one has been done, delivered and its currently ruling the airwaves, im talkin about EVA's Na so video.
The reviews/feedbacks has been very fantastic. Check it out for urself:
It really sets the pace for wot to xpect this year. The next video to drop shuld be nxt week (I hope). Its of a very popular Nigerian act and an equally popular song. Permit me not to disclose the identity, cos of ehmm....i dunno. just permit me not to. Meanwhile, i got a mail from a UK based management company as regards doing video for their artist. Talks shuld be on, hopefully. Fingers crossed on dat for now. Oops! i culd i forget...I have anoda video shoot tomoro., its for TOMIWA, remember him? The guy that came third at the last MTN project fame reality show.
Shuld be a wao, that one too!

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Belinda said...

Men na you na. Keeping up the hard wats up with film making? Jus music videos now? Im prejudiced against it oh. better move to cinema dats where u will be loved. By the wayI tot u were more involved in cinema?