Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When i started this blog years bck, i had no idea wotsoeva wot video/film makings was about! Five years down the line afta buyin ma camcorder for N85,000 (my life savings at the time) wot have i become?

* An Award winning Music video director (Best special effect/editing: Soundcity Music Video Awards, Most Promising Director Nigeria Music Video Awards amongst several other nominations)

Ive directed and edited quite a lot of videos, and stil do!

Ama be tryna blog ma day to day or week to week work activities.(i sure hope i kip dis promis) You shuld enjoy the journey. And i wil also try to chip in tips, ideas, advice, pictures or even tutorials, hopefully someone wuld find 'em useful someday!

E kaabo sori eto yi.


Adewale Paul said...

hi Gbenga, i have been following you up on facebook for a while now and i must confess i am more than impress by your works. I am an avid fan of 3d too and has been trying my hands on the few i can. Just want to wish you the best and sincerely hope you dont leave your blog off like you did in the past. hope to work with you someday.

Adewale Paul said...

hi gbenga, i am quite facinated by your works and as such feels i owe you a giant kudos. u are doin such remarkably that one cant but emulate you. Being an avid 3d person myself, i just have to say it "gbenga, u too much'
I do hope u wont forget your blog again like u did sometimes past. You pay more attention to FB than to your blog.

prijes said...

nice 1 big bros thumbs up 4 u.u da bomb in naija anim visuals.myt nid ur hlp smday.tk cr.

FollyHoney said...

very inspiring!