Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vector HIPTV Sting!

Here's another HipTV sting I directed and Edited! ENjoy. And pls comment!


sanjo olajubu said...

my name sanjo am an afrobeat artst and am studying flming over in Dublin. i have to say, you are a true fucking legend... when i sow the video for Aye ole by infinity, i was thinking i wasn't going to find the rest of your work but eventually i found your blog and i am a true fan of your work, hopefully we will get to work together someday
my facebook:

Anonymous said...

hello Mr Salu you are arguably one of the most talented creative director and editor I've known, you have a huge sence of humor and u inspire me really. Why don't you just start blogging again but this time insert news, creative fictional write ups etc and try to publicize it coz I knw people who will love it. keep up wit d good work sir.