Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updates: Wot ive bin up to : upcoming videos : Bellanaija

Been kinda very busy as usual. Well, since the year started i have been sort of caught up in the election "steez". So, the bunch of work i have done this year has been campaign animation/adverts. (im sure u be thinking, ive "eaten money", well....).

And also being doing some series of adverts for an upcoming comedy UK show (The Nigerian Comedy Show) www.nigeriancomedyshow.tv. check those out too.






Dat accounts to why y'all haven't seen any music video from my stable this year. But the wait my friends, are over...a couple of brand nu videos are dropping any moment from now. Here are some stills of what to expect.

I also had an interview on www.bellanaija.com. Its a cool one.

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