Friday, April 21, 2006


I finished the editing of my very first short film. It runs for 8 minutes. I called it "A SIMPLE PLAN". I have sent it out to a couple of professional friend in the US and the response i have been getting has been very encouraging. It will also be featured on a budget filmmaker website in the UK soon. If you want to see, pls feel free to mail me, i'll send it to you. thanks. This is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Gbenga Salu, i saw your video on infinity aye ole on youtube, I was just stunned, so i decided to do some research on you, and i came across your blog, somehow it seems my prayers are being answered, i have always prayed for Nigeria because i know we are full of talent, the world should watch out for you and i would love to see more work from you and if there is anyway i can help from NY please mail me back if you get this because i don't see your email anywhere in your blog

Belinda Yanga said...

why the hell don't people know about this blog of your's? common dude u shud holla at people on facebook to check it out always. anyway Ill like to see the short film when its done and featured anyway. I do shorts too I'm based in Glasgow but we are friends on facebook sha.

Ya, pls do let me know when its done.