Thursday, December 08, 2005


-PETER JACKSON Posted by Picasa
Welcome to my blog.I hope to use this blog to track my progress into the world of movie making. The idea for this blog was inspired by Michael Bartlett's I shall be updating from time to time my progress, which will definitely culminate in making a full length movie. And subsequently many more AWARD winning African movies. PETER JACKSON (director of Lord of the Ring) is the role model and GOD is the source of inspiration!Unfortunately, i work full-time as a graphics/multimedia designer so i would rely mostly on after work hours and weekends to pull this project through. Hope u come along with me.

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Lanre said...


How are you? I'm a fan of ur work. I would love to establish contact for some projects I will be doing soon. I'm sure you might be a fit. I sing, and I have released some music videos in Nigeria. I would love to see if you would love to come on board with some future projects including a movie. Budget is very tight but I would love to talk. Please contact me at:

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lanre Obisesan